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On the processing technology of aluminum alloy shell


Nowadays, the semi-solid metal casting used in industry at home and abroad mainly refers to thixo casting, which is widely used in the body frame structure. As a precision forming method, thixo casting has high strength and can realize one-time forming of complex shape. It can be used to mass produce all kinds of parts without cutting or with little cutting, and reduce the number of parts. What about the processing technology of aluminum shell? Next, let's have a look at it with zhiyahui:

1. internal high pressure forming technology:

Internal high pressure forming (IHP) is a new forming technology in recent years, and it is a research frontier in the world. According to the structural characteristics of various connectors, either internal high-pressure forming method can be used for one-time forming, or the general extrusion method can be used to make profiles, and then internal high-pressure forming method can be used to correct, and the tube blank can be pressed into the die cavity through internal pressure and axial force supplement to form.

2. Precision die casting technology:

The connection parts of aluminum alloy body frame structure are mostly cast, and the casting methods are mainly semi-solid die casting and other advanced high-precision die casting methods. At present, there are two forming processes in semi-solid die casting technology: rheological forming process and thixoforming process. The former is to send the liquid metal into the specially designed barrel of the injection molding machine, which is sheared by the screw device to cool it into semi-solid slurry, and then die-casting.

The latter is to send solid metal particles or chips into the screw injection molding machine, and then die-casting the metal particles into slurry under the condition of heating and shearing. Because of its excellent internal high pressure forming performance and large design freedom, one internal high pressure forming part can replace the workpiece welded by several parts, so it can avoid the distortion and deformation caused by welding and has high dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties. Its main advantages are: reducing mass and saving materials.

After finishing the processing of the shape of the aluminum alloy shell, it is the surface treatment. The common surface treatment processes include: polishing, sandblasting, drawing, baking paint, surface anodizing and dyeing, surface high gloss processing, electroplating, silk screen printing and bronzing.



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