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Why clean the radiator?


You know what? In the production process of many chemical industries, many conditions will lead to the accumulation of oil dirt, gutters, dust, coking and other dirt in the radiator pipeline and equipment. If these things are not cleaned, they will only accumulate for more than a month, and then become more and more difficult to clean. Moreover, these dirt accumulation not only makes the product mechanical appearance ugly, but also has a bad impact on the machine. Some accumulated dirt may reduce the production of the system, increase the energy and material consumption, and lead to more money consumption. Sometimes, it may also cause the failure of equipment and pipeline lines. More seriously, the corrosion of dirt may lead to process interruption, shutdown of the plant system, and some production accidents. It can be seen from this that radiator cleaning is also needed. Although it seems to be a small problem, there are many small problems piled up, which is easy to cause some big problems. So why don't we clean these small problems in our daily life?

What are the benefits of cleaning the aluminum radiator?

First of all, it can directly make the mechanical production maintain high-quality production effect, and the accumulation of dirt will affect the heat exchange efficiency. If regular cleaning can keep the original production efficiency of the equipment, this is not what we want.

Secondly, reduce the loss of energy, and the heat exchange efficiency is affected, so more energy will be consumed when the machinery dissipates the same heat. Then we will invest more in the cost, so my income will be less, which is not what we think.

Then beautify the appearance of the machine. If you work in a dirty workshop or a clean workshop, which one would you choose? I'm sure you will choose the latter. Besides keeping your equipment beautiful, a good working environment ensures your health, what do you think?

The last is to extend the mechanical life and reduce accidents. Cleaning the radiator regularly can reduce the damage caused by some corrosive dirt to the machine and prolong the life of the machine. And this can also reduce the occurrence of some mechanical failures caused by dirt.



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