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What causes the blackening of aluminum profiles?


Do you know where it is used? In fact, many such as frame fence, radiator, door and window decoration, rail transit, etc. What causes the blackening of aluminum profiles? Come and have a look.

The first is the process of the aluminum radiator. Aluminum profile is extruded by aluminum bar and coated by oxidation. The selection of aluminum bar raw materials, improper cleaning or pressure inspection in the production process of aluminum profile, and uneven coating in the oxidation process of aluminum profile will lead to the blackening and mildew of aluminum profile.

Then there is the problem of cleaning management. Generally, aluminum profiles do not need to be cleaned, because the surface will have a protective film after anodizing. Under normal circumstances, wipe off the dust on the surface with a rag, which is still bright. However, if the corrosive cleaning solution is used for cleaning, it is possible that the oxide film on the surface will be damaged, resulting in the mould and blackening of the aluminum profile.

Finally, there is the problem of storage. Aluminum profile is a kind of corrosion-resistant material, but if it is in wet environment for a long time, and it is in direct contact with the uneven ground, it will also lead to wear of aluminum profile, damage of oxide film, and lead to mildew and blackening of aluminum profile. Therefore, aluminum profiles can be stored in a dry and ventilated place. In addition, it can avoid direct contact with the ground and wear the oxide film on the surface.

It has been learned that aluminum profiles with oxide film protection are not easy to corrode and blacken. If the aluminum profiles you buy are blackened, it is either a quality problem or improper use. Therefore, when purchasing aluminum profiles, we should try our best to go to the regular manufacturers to avoid the loss caused by the poor quality aluminum profiles. If the aluminum profile is used properly, there will be no blackening.



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