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Cause analysis of surface damage of aluminum shell


Surface damage of aluminum shell is a common phenomenon in production and processing, but if it is not fundamentally solved, find out the cause. The surface damage has a great influence on the quality of the later products, so what is the cause of the surface damage of the aluminum shell?

The sundries piled on the mold cavity or working belt were not cleaned in time, resulting in the low hardness of the working belt of the mold, resulting in the injury of the working belt surface during extrusion and then the scratch of the aluminum shell.

When the fork bar delivers the profile from the discharging track to the swinging bed, the profile will be bruised if the speed is too fast.

There are hard inclusions in the exposed metal or graphite strip on the discharge track or the swing bed. When it contacts with the profile, it will cause scratches on the surface of the aluminum shell.

There are many reasons for the scratch of aluminum shell. We must analyze the specific reasons to find the right solution. According to the analysis of zhiyahui, there are several ways to solve the scratch of aluminum shell:

1. In the production process of aluminum shell, handle with care to avoid scratches caused by human factors.

2. Separate the aluminum shell with felt or isolation fabric to reduce the friction between them and cause damage.

3. The enterprise must improve the quality of mold repair. The aluminum shell mold must be nitrided regularly and the nitriding process must be strictly implemented.

4. Clean the discharge track, bed and other working belts in time to avoid sundries affecting the production and processing quality of aluminum shell.

The above is the main cause of the surface damage of aluminum shell and how to solve the problem.

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