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On the causes of damage of four basic aluminum alloy shells


Zhiyahui editor recently received a series of customer feedback problems, many of which are the problems that customers received the damage of the aluminum alloy shell of the machine. What is the cause of the damage of the aluminum shell of the machine? Here is a detailed answer for you:

Generally speaking, aluminum shell is made of aluminum alloy, easy to operate, high ductility, high added value of materials. The aluminum profile shell is processed on the aluminum profile obtained by aluminum drawing. It has high flexibility and can be cut at any depth. Generally, there are circuit board slots inside. As long as the circuit board is directly inserted, it is unnecessary to fix it, which reduces the workload of workers. However, aluminum shell cannot be placed outdoors or in acid and alkali, which is easy to cause chemical reaction and corrosion. This is also the main reason for aluminum shell damage. Here are a few common ones to avoid:

① there are sundries on the mold cavity or working belt, and the hardness of the working belt is low, so that the surface of the working belt is injured and the profile is scratched during extrusion;

② there are hard inclusions in the exposed metal or graphite strip on the discharge track or the swing bed, which will cause scratches on the profile surface when it contacts with the profile;

③ when the fork bar delivers the profile from the discharging track to the swinging bed, the profile is bruised due to the too fast speed.

④ there are sundries on the surface of ingot or segregation of ingot components. When there are a large number of segregation floating objects on the surface of the ingot and the ingot is not homogenized or the homogenization treatment effect is not good, there are a certain number of hard metal particles in the ingot. When the metal flows through the working belt during the extrusion process, these segregation floating objects or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, and finally cause Scratch on the surface of the profile.

The above four points are the basic reasons for the damage of the aluminum shell. When using the aluminum shell for machine manufacturing, we need to pay attention to these, otherwise it will damage the aluminum shell, and delay the production time of the machine to avoid greater losses.



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