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Which is better than aluminum shell or stainless steel shell?


With the rapid development of industrial economy, there is an increasing demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts, such as aluminum shell, which also makes the research on the weldability of aluminum alloy in-depth. At present, aluminum alloy is widely used.

Aluminum shell and its alloy have the characteristics of good appearance, light weight, good cutting performance, good physical and mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, etc. it is considered to be the most economical and practical aluminum alloy in many application fields. The density of aluminum is only 2.7g/cm3, about 1 / 3 of that of steel, copper and brass (7.83g/cm3, 8.93g/cm3, respectively). In most environmental conditions, including air, water, petrochemical and many chemical systems, aluminum can show excellent corrosion resistance.

Aluminum is non ferromagnetic, which is an important feature of the electrical and electronic industry. Aluminum does not self ignite, which is very important for handling or contacting flammable and explosive materials. Aluminum is nontoxic and is usually used to make containers for food and drink. Its natural surface state has a pleasant appearance. It is soft and smooth. For beauty, it can be shaded or dyed with texture pattern.

The surface reflectivity of aluminum is very high. Aluminum can effectively reflect radiant energy, visible light, radiant heat and electric waves, while anodized and dark anodized surfaces can reflect or absorb. The polished aluminum has excellent reflectivity in a wide range of wavelengths, so it has many functions of decoration and reflection.

Aluminum usually shows excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity. Some special aluminum alloys with high resistivity have been successfully developed and can be used in high torque motors. Aluminum is widely used for its excellent conductivity. On the basis of equal weight, the conductivity of aluminum is almost twice that of copper. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50% of that of copper, which is conducive to the manufacture of heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, cookers, cylinder heads and radiators for automobiles.

For aluminum shell or stainless steel shell, the strength of some aluminum alloy is higher than that of structural steel, but the strength and hardness of pure aluminum and some aluminum alloy are very low. In modern life, aluminum has been widely used in various industries.



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