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Why does radiator material choose aluminum profile?


In China, aluminum radiator is widely used in machinery, automobile, wind power generation, engineering machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances and other industries because of its superior performance. No exception, the radiator is also more and more popular to use aluminum profiles, and mainly aluminum extrusion, which is due to the good consistency of the blank size, short production cycle and low cost.

First of all, we can see from the characteristics of aluminum profile: aluminum profile radiator is also called radiator aluminum profile or sunflower aluminum profile. Aluminum profile radiator has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy saving effect. In addition, the decorative performance of aluminum profile is very strong: when aluminum profile is used in decoration or some specific occasions, its surface needs to be anodized, coated and other processing to obtain the corresponding color and surface structure. The corrosion resistance of aluminum profile is good, its anodizing performance, surface treatment performance and coating performance are excellent.

And aluminum radiator, not only good heat dissipation, its thermal conductivity, pressure resistance, metal thermal strength are very good. The metal thermal strength of aluminum is 2.277w/kg ℃, while that of cast iron is 0.4w/kg ℃, that of steel is 0.76w/kg ℃, that of copper and aluminum is 1.728w/kg ℃, and that of aluminum is characterized by large heat dissipation, fast heat dissipation and high efficiency. The surface of aluminum radiator is electrostatic spray molded, beautiful colors and good decoration. The general evaluation is: comprehensive production does not pollute the environment and water quality. The heat dissipation intensity is four times of the casting angle. Light weight is one tenth of that of cast iron. Beautiful and generous, occupying small room space, environmental protection and energy saving. It meets the requirements of "light, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving" for the development of radiators in China.

The heat dissipation performance of aluminum is three times of that of steel, the heat conductivity of aluminum is 167w / m.k, the heat conductivity of steel is 50W / m.k, W is heat, M is material thickness, and K is temperature. The definition of thermal conductivity is: how much energy w can be transmitted per unit length and per K. The larger the value is, the better the thermal conductivity is. We can see that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is three times that of steel, which indicates that the thermal conductivity of aluminum is three times that of steel.

In terms of making radiators, aluminum alloy is a very good choice for radiators. It has advantages in energy saving, material saving, decoration, price and weight. That is, copper aluminum, steel aluminum, stainless steel aluminum and aluminum composite products all contain aluminum components. The existing problem is the combination of several aspects, only from the angle of bending, it is not as good as steel pipe, but the heat dissipation of steel pipe is not as good as that of aluminum; from the price point, it is a special point; from the anticorrosion point of view, steel is phosphating before anticorrosion, the process is complicated, and aluminum alloy is oxidation anticorrosion or direct anticorrosion. Therefore, the radiator made of aluminum alloy is superior to the radiator made of other materials in any aspect.



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